Page 5, 9th October 1942

9th October 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 9th October 1942 — YOUR CHANCE TO ANSWER T.U.C. SCHOOLS ATTACK.'

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Fr. Vincent McNabb, 0.P., Dr. Motgan, M.P. for Rochdale, and Jack Donovan, of the General and Transport Workers' Union, will address a meeting at the War-flute Restaurant (new Semite Hall), 252, Fulham Road, London, S.W.10, at 5 p.m. on Sunday, October 25. Subject: " The Education Issue recently raised at the T.U.C. Conference." Resolutions will be passed. The meeting is being organised by the Trade Union and Social Action Group of the Apos-tolute of Christ the Worker. Buses to Fulham : 14, 96, 31; all stop near door.


London Youth Leaders Mr. Hilary D. C. Peppier will speak at the Youth Leaders' Training Course monthly session this Sunday at St. Anne's Settlement, Vauxhall, London, at 3. His subject is " Miming as a club activity." He will give demonstrations. Mr. Peppier has toured U.S.A. churches giving religious tableaux. Admission to the meeting is 6d., payable at the door. There will be a tea interval.

Birmingham Youth

Generous appreciation of the efforts of Birmingham Catholic Youth Council has been shown by Alderman Pat Collins, of Walsall, who has sent the chairman, Bishop Griffin, a donation of £100.

The Bosco Bulletin (the Council's journal, which is edited by the hon. secretary, Mr. A. T. Flynn) records that Monday evening discussion meetings grow more and more popular. They are attended by representatives of boys' and girls' club" from all parts of the city.

It is suggested that every day, on the announcing of the one o'clock wireless news, members should say: "Our Lady, Help of Christians help the Youth Movement ; St. John Bosco, pray for us."

A week-end conference of club representatives from various parts of the diocese is being planned by Fr. Farrell to take place in November.

London Scouts The Rev. H. II. Holman, chairman of the Cardiff Scout Guild, will speak on " The Place of Scouting in the Catholic Youth Movement," and Fr. Dominic J. Sire, 0.P., on " Making Scouting Catholic," when the London section of the Catholic Scout Guild meets on Saturday, October 17, in the Westminster Cathedral choir school hall for the annual confereece. Archbishop Amigo will preach at the High Mass on the next morning at Southwark Notrc Dame Convent. There will be further meetings on the same day at 11.30 and at 2.45 at Southwark Jubilee Hall. Speakers: Sir John Shea and Canon Burt.

Banbury Youth Leaders

A meeting of Youth Leaders held recently at Banbury, to discuss the formation of a permanent committee of local Youth Leaders, was attended by the President of the Banbury C.Y.M.S. (Mr. F. W. Goodway). A sub-committee was appointed to go into the matter and to explore the possibility of forming a local Youth Organisations Committee.

St. Mary's Youth Club, Holyhead, is to have a G.T.C. branch as a result of recent discussions by members. Activities now comprise painting and decorating, part of the premises having been done up by the members themselves. First-aid classes have been resumed, and it is proposed to establish classes in apologetics and Christian Doctrine.

St. Alphege's Youth Club, Bath, held its first annual meeting on Sunday last when the secretary gave a report on the Club's progress since its inception. Social activities played the greatest part in the club last season, but a more educational and recreative progrannie has been planned for the coming season, end an appeal was made for greater co-operation from the members. Mr. Keating, Youth Organiser for Bath, then gave a brief outline of the Youth Movement with special reference to Bath.

Rev. Edward Mitchinson, priest in charge of the'Youth organisations of the Southwark diocese, gave the Triduum in preparation for the new scholastic year to the boys of his old school at the Salesian College, Chertsey, last week. He gave a special talk to the senior students on the " Young Christian Worker and the Young Christian Student."

Latest venture by Northampton Catholic Youth Club is the formation of a Young Farmers' Club. A 2-acre farm has been rented, and, in addition to poultry and rabbit keeping, it is also hoped to raise pigs.

For gallantry and devodon to duty in the execution of air operations two Catholics have been awarded the D.F.C. posthumously. They are Wing-Commander Wilfrid Albert Antony De Freitas (deceased), No. 70, Squadron, awarded with effect from 19th December, 1941, and Acting Flight Lieutenant Owen Vincent Tracey, No. 274 Squadron (deceased), awarded with effect front 7th December, 1941.

Flying Officer Thomas Brown, R.A.F., Of Our Lady Star of the Sea parish, Borden, is reported missing.


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dangerous repercussions for at least ten years after the war.

The situation is worst in the country, where all the young and healthy men have been called to the army, leaving their farms to the women, old men and children, who are forced to slave like animals in order to fulfil State demands for production and delivery. To-day there is no 48-hour week in the country, no 60-hour week either. The people are forced to work 80 or 90 hours, until completely exhausted.

In spite of the increase in forced labour, some lessons that were taught in the last war are being repeated, in so far as the percentage per acre of ground cultivated and of crops reaped is steaeily decreasing, a fact that my friendieassure me is undeniable but that official statistics are silent about.

Things are not much better in the factories, although here the abuse of human labour is limited by a certain amount of social protection afforded the factory hands and by the increasing number of accidents.

. Added to the labour shortage are a scarcity of raw materials, and an insurmountable bottle-neck in transportation, besides difficulties for civilian travel that have created an unimaginable state of affairs inside the country. Every day brings forth new decrees, every week new control organs are appointed that again issue new edicts—and chaos spreads.


Under such conditions you cart picture the frame of mind of the German people. My contacts are largely with business friends and the middle class. These people want nothing but peace. They are not interisted in any conquests, but they fear that Germany might be utterly destroyed, they fear a repetition of the Dawes and Young reparation payments, and they fear long years of occupation by foreign armies.

Playing on their feers, Government propaganda says: " If you do not help the Fuehrer now to win this war, then you are digging your own grave."

This appeal to their instinct of selfpreservation is quite effective, especially as British and American propaganda offers no other outlook (at least, I have noticed no such effort).

I have often warned them that by holding on to Hitler they are themselves increasing the very dangers that they fear. But they see no alternative, either Hitler's victory or the end of Germany.

I personally am convinced that the German army will continue to have great successes in coming months. It will destroy much of the Russian, but at the same time much of its own, war' potential. Being Swiss, this prospect gives me great pleasure to contemplate.

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