Page 6, 9th October 1942

9th October 1942
Page 6
Page 6, 9th October 1942 — DUTCH BISHOPS Are Severest New Order Enemies

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Organisations: Dutch Nazi Party


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DUTCH BISHOPS Are Severest New Order Enemies

Goering's newspaper, Essener Witionai Zeitung, is quoted by the stackholm Svenska Dagblatlet as cornpleining that the Dutch bishops are the -merest enemies of the New Order.

The National Zeitung mentions a number of things " which cast a shadow on the Dutch bishops ":

" They have refused religious burial to members of the Dutch Nazi Party. Therefore it was either a field chaplain who was obliged to perform the ceremony, or the Nazi military organisation must simply conduct the funeral service without any priest being present'.

" In a convent school nuns allowed children to write on the blackboard the question: When are the English fliers earning?'

"A priest at Wassenaar kept children from visiting a German school in spite of the fact that the Dutch Nazi Party puts faith in God above everything in its programme and does not wish to fight against the Church.

" The newspapers urge the churches not to miss joining in the New Times. There is danger ahead for the churches, but that danger only exists with the churches themselves, It is -part of the life of the Church to renew itself con'currently with the world. In the new world, the Church must translate the Gospel into a new language, which will he intelligible to the people of the times. In The new world the preached word must be in the language .of the new nines. In order to fulfil this task at the turning point of the times the Church must keep her mind open to the new problems and the new way of thinking."

When Ecuador was recently consecrated to the Sacred Heart 80 priests distributed Holy Communion to 35,000 people attending an open air Mass. The congregation totalled 600,000.

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