Page 2, 9th October 1959

9th October 1959
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Page 2, 9th October 1959 — EDUCATIONAL APPOINTMENTS

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BISHOP ULI.AlliORNE R.C. SECONDARY MODERN GIRLS' SCHOOL, COS'ENITtY. Required, January, 1960, Gtalified Assistant Mistress for Tkunestic Subjects-Scale I Graded Post allowance for suitable candidate.-Applicatiort forms from Director of Education. Council Offices, Coventry. returnahie to Rev. A. P. Dimmed, The presbytery, Parkgate Road. Coventry.

BLACKBURN. Notre Dame Grammar School. Direct Grant. 550 girls. Burnham Scale.

Mistresses required for: (a) Chemistry to '0' and 'A' Level. (January). Graded Post. (50 Mathematics to '0' and 'A' Level. (January or September). Graded Pent. (C) English to '0' and 'A' Level. (April or September). Graded Post. (d) Art to '0' Level (January).

Applications to Headmistress.


Required January, 1960, Qualified Assistant Masters for (1) General Science (2) Metalwork (3) °enema sumects. Application forma from Director of Education. Council Offices, Coventry. returnable to Rev. A. P. Diamond, The Presbyter. Parksrate Road, Coventrv, C:ITY OF LEICESTER EDUCATION C()MMITTEE, cstaissr THE KING R.C. INFANT AND JUNIOR SCHOC)1..

Qualified aSsistant Milder teachers required in Jammer.Applicatiort forms, obtainable from thc 1/tenor or Education. Ncwarke Sclarnoeotn. GLeiliiceacrat:.r,R.shoKuinldg RbektarerdocrneRdcwiiii.



Sr. Augustine's R.C. Scbssol tall age). r270 on roll). Graded Post. (General respon•

Applications invited from men teachers 8:hle to tench genfora (Allowance-fed MI.

annit' Founrms and partimears obtainable from

W. G. Jackson, Director of Education, Exchange Buildings Nottingham to be returned to Rt. Rev. Mgr, M. A. Parmen-tier. V.F.. 240, Woodimrough Road, Nottingham. by 201h October, 1959.

CITY OF NOTrusGFIAM FILuCATioN COMMITTFT. Hygon Green R.C. School (All age). 4250 on roll).

Man DEPtrTY IfhilL) TEACHER required, able to teach Seniors (Allowance£150 Per annum)

Forms and particulars obtainable from W. G. Jackson, Director of Education. Exchange Buildings, Nottingham, to be returned to Very Rev. B. Shaw, B.A., The Prethytery, Belton Street, NOttlnaltam, by 20111 October, 1959, ern' end COUNTY of BRISTOL EDUCATION COMVITTTEE. St. Thomas More R.C. secondary Sohool (seeder agreement)

Muller Road. Bristol, I. Required in January, Mistress for Domestic Scietteo.---Application by fetter to Heedmaster immediately Hertfordshire County Creme%

ST. JOSEPH'S R.C. Vol. (Aided) School. North Road, Hertford. Number on roll 264.-masier/Mistress required for Juniors to commence after November.

Application form from Divjsional Education Officer, Leartot, Hertford. to be returned to tht Rev. Correspondent. 23. St. John's Street, Hertford,


(R.C. Independent Boys Day School).

Wanted in January. 19611. Qualified MISTRESS (LC.) for lankly; (arc 7 to 8), Burnham Scale with special allowance. Non-resident.

Apply, with derails of qualift:Alions end copies of recent restinsoniats. to the Headmaster.


DE 1_laIr elt .0 I SECONTIA.RY SCHOOL, LOUGHROROUGH. No. ein Roll 347, Headmaster B. 3. offler. M.A.

REQUIRED FOR l'HIS RFrf atTLY OPENED MIXED SECONI)ARY SCHOOL: 1SS 1ST ANT MISTRESS OR Either Physical Education, General Suhlects or Retarded Children. Special Allowance available for suitable candidate.

The Appointment is from 1st January. 1060.

Applications (no forms) with full particulars, together with copies of rims recent testimonials and names of two referees to Rey. M. T. Stokes, St. Mary's, Ashby Road, Loughborough, Leicester.

Landow causes couscii

ST. THOMAS MORE SECONDARY SCHOOL (R C.), Cadosran Street. 5.W,3, Roll 6.00 (mixed). Courses to

ApplielliSlona are Invited from men and women teachers, wishing to spetialise in one or more of the tow-mina (mainly Lower School) ENGLISH, GEOGRAPHY. MATHES/ kTiCS (elementary). Application forms obtainable from and returnable to the Headmaster as soon as possible LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL Special agreement &swat (Assistant Teachers, including posts of


AppIkefforn are invited from qualified

teachers for appointment to the following Posts. The successful applicants will be appointed to the Coencil's Service as reserved teachers al the sehOrd under Section 2/1 of the Education Act, 1944.

St. Michael's R .C. Secondary School,

Ease Lane, Bermondsey, S.E.16. (New

school for about 510 boys and girls, expected no open in January: Headmistress Cosines kading to G.C.E. '0' level as well as four and five year courses in Commerce and Engineering). Cl) Master as Head of Department for Technical studies (Metal Woodwork, Technical Drawing) Applicatioos from non-Catholies considered. (2) Mistress for P.E. Oradea poet for candidate with qualifiCations and experience. ill Mistress tor Ifistoccraft. Graded post for experienced candidate. (4) Masters/ Mistresses offering General Sub. rots. Ineuding Geography. MI or Mode. Graded posts for suitably qualified candidates.

Forms obtainable from (s.a.e.) and returnable to the Divisional Officer, So Acre Lane, S.W,2. (2192).

NORTHAMPTON NOTRE DAME HIGH, Direct Grant Grammar School. Required for January 1960 Graduate

to take Geography to A level_ Head of Deparwrient for 'tillable applicant.--Apply with testimeniala to the Headmistress RECOGNISED reinvent requfres January (I) Graduate of English. (2) Two trained Inman. Mistressee for 5-6 rears. 9-10 years Box 216 REQUIRED, January 19A0. or as soon after as available, Training College Wonsan Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Mathematics. Good academic qualifications and teachina experience desInthic.-Box 222.

ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE. Cunette Road. Bradford. 8, Yorks Direct Grant, R.0

Girls' Grammar School Required an January, well-quatitted and experienced MistreaN to take the Senior Grantees, Doss leaelling Advanced and Scholarship Level Burnham Scale. Special responsible allowance. Non-resident

Aoplv Headmistress

ST. MARY'S 0.01.LEGE, Leeds. requires January Mistress to teach Biotorry to .4Level.

SENIOR SECl/NDARY CHRIS' S014001 NAM/se/UM/A. near Kampala. tinder Oatholic Missions. Wanted urgently; two trained caperieneed graduates for: (Si PHYSIC'S & CHEMISTRY (hi ENGLISH with GENEtRA1 ARTS to SC'. Aecommodadon In school. Practising Catholics. Tours: 21-3 years. PaSaageS Paid. Salary: £879-£1.1.63.

Apply: institute of Christian Education, Overseas ApPoinumints Bureau, 46. Gordon Square, London, W.C.I.

SOUTHEND-ON-SEA ‘Courna Boruugh of) EDUCATION COMMITTEE. Required for January. 1565. St. Bernard's Convent High School, C680 g tele-(ramma r /Modern). Second PHYSIC-AL EDUCATION MISTRESS (Seale I post) required to share all branches of work including swimming. Fully eaterstved gymnasium, good playing Bride. Special allowance 10 Suitable Spellcant, BOTANY & ZOOLfx1Y (Grade AI Amititant Mistress to teach to 'A' and 'S' level.

Salaries In accordance with Burnham Scale.

Application thould he forwarded at soon as possible on forms obtainable from the undersigned (s.a.e. (oolscap). D. B. BARTLETT. chief Education Officer. Education Offices. Warrior Square. SOUltiend-on-sea.

WAI.I.ASEY IFIIII(:ATior.; COMMITTEE, Marls Stella' High School for Girls. Required in January. 1960. fully qualified R.C. mistress to take Physical Education Throughout the school, St. Hilda's R.C. Sesxmdary Moslem School (Mixed). (a) Required in January. 1960. asisisiam master to teach Mathematics throughout die school. Head Of Department allowance of E150 per annum (new scale). fb) Required Is soon as possible assloant master or mistress to leach general subjects.

Forms of application obtainable from the Director of Education, Town Hall. Wallasey (stamped addressed foolscap envelotse). to Whom they should be returned within 10 days of the appearance of this advertisement.

WANTED. September 1960. Qualified mistress to teat+ Ertelish to Advanced and Scholarship Level. Middle School

1 ann. Recognised Independent School, Burnham Scale.

Ames Headmistress, St. I ennardsMayfield School. Old Palace, Mayfield, &Magi.

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