Page 2, 9th October 1959

9th October 1959
Page 2
Page 2, 9th October 1959 — Ireland's Name

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Locations: Rome


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Ireland's Name

SIR,-In your issue of Friday, 18th, you published a photo showing a group of all-night vigil pilgrims in Rome, some of whom you described as coming from Northern Ireland and Eire, From this description it would appear that you are confusing the terms Eire and Republic of Ireland, and I would like to correct this misconception.

Eire is the Gaelic or Irish name for that island that lies across the Irish Sea, and it has been so called for well over 1,000 years. The Saxons called it Eire-land, later to become Anglicised to Ireland.

Less than 40 years ago, a border was set up in Ireland. The northeastern part of the country, cornprising PA RT OF the province of Ulster remained under British rule. while the remainder became politically independent. This latter part is now a republic while the north-eastern section is commonly referred to as Northern Ireland.

But the geographical unit is called Ireland (in the English language), or Eire (in the Irish language). Descriptions such as " Northern Ireland and Eire " or " Ulster and Eire " are as meaningless as, for example, a Frenchman's description of " Yorkshire et Angletcrre."

24 Radcliffe Square, S.W.10.

Yes, but if part of the Island is "Northern Ireland", how can the rest logically be " Ireland" 7EprroR, " C.H."

Chris. O'Byrne,

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