Page 2, 9th October 1959

9th October 1959
Page 2
Page 2, 9th October 1959 — J. M. D. Scott 2 Norham Road, Oxford.

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People: More O'Ferrall
Locations: London, Oxford


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J. M. D. Scott 2 Norham Road, Oxford.


SIR,-At Christmas this year Pax Romana, the International movement of Catholic students and graduates, is to hold its annual interfederal assembly at Manilla in the Philippines. This is the first time it has been held in Asia and will certainly be the last for many years.

-Fhus it will provide a unique opportunity for Asian graduates and students to be present in any numbers at a meeting with their European counterparts.

The theme of the students' seminar "The responsibility of the Catholic student in society ", is of particular importance in countries where a large majority of graduates are committed to work of meter social responsibility.

The next few years may well be critical for the growth of the Church and the Lay Apostolate in Asia and it is important that European Catholics should be present at this meeting. Because the Asian student and graduate movements are relatively young they look to the experience of the older European movements and the value of the meeting will be considerably lessened without a reasonable contribution from them.

Also, in the past Africans and Asians have travelled to Europe. to make personal contacts and

exchange ideas. If we do not show ourselves sufficiently interested to make a similar effort the impression created may be very unfortunate indeed.

At the moment there are plans to send one delegate from Britain, a student: but even this will require a very considerable effort. The cost of the fare and living expenses

at Manilla is £330. Half of this sum is being raised by Catholic students throughout the country, but the rest will have to be found from other sources.

If you are able to make some contribution towards this, it will be very much appreciated. Please send donations, however small: to: The Treasurer, Union of Catholic Students, 31, Portman Square, London, W.I.

(Fr.) R. A, More O'Ferrall,

President of :U.C.S. 31 Portman Sq., W.1.

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