Page 2, 9th October 1959

9th October 1959
Page 2
Page 2, 9th October 1959 — The Church and Gambling

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Organisations: Catholic Church
People: John W. Adkins


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The Church and Gambling

SIR,-As a convert who moves

about in Devon and Cornwall, meeting people in Industry. and at the same time being known to be a Catholic. I find so many people eager to bring up any news items concerning the Catholic Church for discussion.

How does one answer the news thrown at me only to-day about the Catholic Church raising funds by gambling when a Catholic Church holds a weekly "HouseyHousey" do with the priest present and Catholics and non-Catholics attending?

H. F. Thompson "Pella,"

Woodland Road, St. Austell.

Easily. Catholics hold that though belting and gambling can easily lead to sins of avarice, lack of charity, neglect of our dudes to ourselves, our families and our neighbours etc. they are not Intrinsically immoral, To use gambling in moderate sums and under fair conditions in order to raise funds for Catholic needs would only be immoral if it could be shown that it gave scandal to those who are justifiably scandalised. In fact, however. it is up to anyone who is worried by this .sort of gambling to ask a priest or an instructed Catholic lay-person for the Church's teaching On the question. It may be of interest to know that Pope Gregory XIV excommunicated those who betted on the results of papal elections.-EDITOR, "C.H."

Other Way Round?

SIR,-1 was sorry to read of the

absurd relationship between husband and wife introduced into Western Germany by a recent law, viz:-a democracy of two with no casting vote.

I wonder if some Catholic teachers and priests in our own country have been failing to teach the important doctrine that wives owe obedience to their husbands? There seems to be no qualification to this obedience. except that wives are not bound to obey if ordered or requested to do anything sinful. unreasonable or contrary to wifely dignity •(Cast' Con:titbit, pares, 27 and 28),

Many Catholics seem to be unaware of this doctrine of their Church, or to laugh it off as something outmoded. Others would limit it to very important decisions. and leave all other matters to be settled (or not settled) by a conflict of wills between the two spouses, if there is no spontaneous agreement.

John W. Adkins.

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