Page 2, 9th October 1959

9th October 1959
Page 2
Page 2, 9th October 1959 — The Precious Blood

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Organisations: Hypostatic Union
Locations: Bristol


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The Precious Blood

SIR' Professor Louis Renoufs belief, that the Hypostatic Union demands that no particle of the blood shed by Our Lord should remain on earth, seems to me to be based on a false analysis. Surely the operative word here is "shed": the blood, having left Our I.ord's body in his last hours, no longer forms a part of His Godhead.

During His life, Jesus Christ shed perspiration, etc. As a matter of some interest, has the disposition of bloodstains on the Holy Shroud ever been compared with that of the stains on the holy garments venerated elsewhere? I would welcome information on this subject.

Kenneth R. J. C. Lake

23 Meridian Place. Bristol, 8.

SIR,-Relating to Professor Louis Renours findings as regards the necessities of the Hypostatic Union, how would one explain the presence in the Chapel of the Holy Blood in Bruges, Beltient, of the relic of the Precious Blood which is so widely venerated there?

This relic is claimed to be the actual Blood of Our Lord collected in the Holy Grail after the taking down of His body from the cross. and presented to the Count of Flanders in recognition of his services in the Holy Blood. This relic was brought by him to Bruges and has remained there throughout the centuries.

The famous Procession of the Holy Blood on May 4 of each year is world renowned and attended by pilgrims from many lands.

Surely this relic is truly and actually the Blood of Our Lord.

(Miss) A. Reid

7 I.indow Street, Frizington.

Despite St, Thomas 4quinas's argument, Pope Benedict XIV taught that relics of the Precious Blood can exist disunited from the Godhead.-EDITOR, "C.H."

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