Page 8, 9th October 1981

9th October 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 9th October 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Hierarchy Standing committee, St Edwards Church, Synod Secretariat, Spanish Embassy, St Themes School, St Wlarld's School, Greater Manchester County Ecumenical Council, Vespers Service for the Year, Northern Baptist College, Youth Commission, Children's Society, Catholic Association, Seaford Court, Actulee• College, Council of Administration, Diocesan Liturgy Committee, Service for the Year of Si Francis, AGM Priests' Eucharistic League, Catholic Needlework Guild, St Helen's Junior and Infant School, Franciscan Study Centre, Pastoral Centre, Visit St John Fisher School, Essex Churches Consultative Council, Primary School, General Chapter, Si Edmunds School, Barlborcugh Hall School, Social Welfare Commission, Archbishop Grenshaw School, Elishopa Standing Committee, De Lisle Comprehensive School, St Mary, Newman Association, St Clare's Youth Centre, Bishops' Committee for the Ceaf, Diocesan Youth Festival Bishop Challoner School, Dlocesen Pastoral Council, Teachers of South East Area, St Joseph's School


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Bishops Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

Gardiner Hums Archbishop of INestminstar: Feeley-Saturday: Council of Synod Secretariat meeting. Rome Monday-Saturday: Council of Episcope Conferences of European Bishops Rome.

Archbithop Bowan of Southwait:thawday: Mass. 100th anniversary ca Bishop James Dame and 5th anniversary of Archbishop Cyril Cowderoy. Cathedrat. 7 30 pm. Area Bishops' meeting, Archbishop's House. 8.30 pm. Confirmation. Bromley. 3 pm. Monday: Hierarchy Standing committee meeting. Westminster. 11 am. Spanish Embassy, Reception, 6.30 pm. Tumidity: Confirmation, Newington. 7 30 pm. Thursday: Franciscan Study Centre. Canterbury. 4 pm Dedicate new chapel. Visit East Kea Pilgrims' Hospice Canterbury, 7 prn.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Monday: Standing Committee Bishops' Conference. Archbishop's House. Westminster, 11_30 are. Thursday: Blessing of new Primary School. Ou• Lady's. Prescot.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Saturday: Visitation. St Nicholas Parish. Winchcombe 4 pm

B ishop brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Ssturtisy-Monday: Visitation end Confirmation, St James', hattersley. Wednesday: presides at Chapter meeting. St Pours. Hyde. rOleeting of Bishops and Clinc,. All Saints. 6 pm. Thursday: Cheshire Church Leaders meeting, Chester.

B ishop Burks, Ausillary of Salford: Friday: Visitation. Hollins. Sunday: Visitation, 11 ten, Confirmation. 3 pm, Si Agnes, Hollins. Tuesday: Aid to toe Church In Need Conference. Edgbaston, Birmingham. Wsdnseday: Youth Commission. 215 en Thursday: St Bede s College Governors. Mani:haver, 310 pan

B ishop Cis& of East Saturday: Profession. Guidanhatn. Sunday: Visitation, Gores:ton. Monday: Mass, Si Edmunds School, Tuesday: AGM of Children's Society. Shefford. Worhisaday: Mass foe Head Teachers Conference. Massingharn, St Marv.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Fridley: Annual Diener of HCPT St Teresa Perry Barr. 8 nm B ishop Emery of Portsmouth, Saturday: Diocesan Youth Festival Bishop Challoner School. Basingstoke. Mess. 4.30 pm. Sunday: Confirmation. English Martyrs. Reading 11 am. Monthly: Elishopa Standing Committee, Westminster, 11 am. Thursday: Confirmation. St John Bosco. Woodley, 7 Bishop Foley of Lanceirter: Friday: Attends 'Hanging of Sheriff's Shield'. Lancaster Castle. 12 noon, Sunday: Voltation, St John. The Willows. Kirkham, II ans. Confirmation. 3 per Tuesday: Preaches end inducts Fr, J T Turner as Perish Priest St Augustine's. Preston. 7.30 pm_ Wednesday: Mass for Silver Jubilee of St Edmund's, Fleetwood. 7 30 Pm, Thursday: Visits School and housebound. The Willows parish, 2.30 Pm.

Bishop Grant of Northampton: SeturdaySunday: Visitation end Confirmation, Leighton Burzerd. Tuesday: St Francis' Child en's Society AGM. Shefford Wednesday: Confirmation. Our Lady of Walsinghare, Corby.

Bishop Only of Shrewsbury, Saturday: -Interview at Council trnhan Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St Ambrose. Ads-wood Stockport. 10.30 ern Mass of Thanksgiving. Out Lady's. Birkenhead_ 5.30 pm. Monday; Mass and 'official opening of Actulee• College, Stockport. Wednesday: Diocesan Chapter Man. St Pett1S Hyde, 11 am. Meeting of Bishops and Clergy, Alt Saints. Sfirchley. 6 pm. Thursday: Meeting of Cheshire Church Leaders. Chester, 10.30 am.

B ishop Oumea, Bishop in East London: Saturday: Mass. Church End. Finchley, 6.30 pm_ Sunday:All Masses. Finchley Monday: Ministry to Priest programme. London Colney. Wednesday: Opening mass for Academic Year, University Chaplaincy, 7.30 pro B ishop Harvey, Bishop In North London: Friday, Meeting of Social Welfare Commission, 6 Orr, Saturday: Catholic Association or Widows. Westminster Cathedral, 3 into Mess, St Paul's, Wood Green, 7.30 pm. Monday-Friday: Ministry to Priests' Programme. London Consey.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visitation, Hayes. I pm-9pm. Saturday: South East Ecumenical Study Day and meeting. gestalt Park, Bealeyheath, 11 to to 4 pm. Attends anniversary Mess for the late Archbishop Cyril Cowderoy and Bishop Darrell. St Georges Cathedral. Southwark. 7.30 pre. Diocesan Bishops' Meeting, 8.15 prn. Tuesday: Visitation to St Helen's Junior and Infant School, Stockwell. 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Meeting with Diocesan Liturgy Committee members. Blackheath, B pm. Thursday: Meeting with the Area Head Teachers of South East Area. St Themes School. Lewisham. 10 am. Blackheath Luncheon Club. 1 pm Mesa end Cnnh•rnatien

Lerkhall Lane, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Mclean, Auelliwy,ILLinerpool: Monday: Mess and Dinner, School Reunion. Ushaw Leeds Tundaya Visitation. St Albans: Warrington Thursday: Confirmation 5Fouls. West Derby, 7 30 tam Mahon Holland of Salford: Friday: Bishops' Committee for the Ceaf. Henesy House. Greenheys. 2 ore Sunday: Visitation. 11 am Confirmation, 3 pm. Holy Saviour. Nelson. Monday: Greater Manchester County Ecumenical Council. Northern Baptist College. Manchester. 12 noon. Wednesday) Mess for the Deaf, St John's Cathedral. Safford. 8 pm. Thursday: Mass. 4th Anniversary of death of St Teresa of Ayala. Carmelite Monastery. Vine Street. Salford.

Bishop Jukes, Maxillary of Southwark: Friday: Opening address at the Catholic Head Teachers' Course et Eversley College. Folkestone. Saturday: Diaconal Ordination, Franciscan Study Centre. Canterbury. 9 ern. Mass St Georges Cathedral. Southwark. 7 30 pm. Sunday: Principal celebrant at KSC Mass. Aylesford. 12 noon. Monday: Hold. conference for clergy at West Malting. Tuesday: Presiding at General Chapter at Wimbledon. 8.30 pm, Confirmation, Ramegste. B tam. Wednesday: Mass, Convent of St Ann. Slurry. 12 noon. Vied to Herne Bay, 3 pm. Thursday: Visits the Franciscan Study Centre. Canterbury Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London: Friday: Kensington Area Deans. Our Lady of Victories. 10.30 am Newman Association meeting. Spode House, 7 prn. Saturday: Education Con 'erance Trinnv ant. A I Sen., -reds 9 30 am

Sunday: Mass. International Students Chaplaincy. Holland Park. 11 am Allen Hall, Chelsea, 8 en Monday: Mass. Perish Council AGM, Fulham Road. 13 ore Wednesday: CDA Meeting. Archteshope House. 10 am Bishop Lindsay of Heaham and Newcastle: Friday: Attends the meeting of North East Ecumenical Group, Oakland Castle. 2.30 pm. Dedication of Altar. St Vincent's. Whitburn, 7 pm. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Bede's. South Shields. 3 30 pro Tuesday: Attends Annual meeting of Catholic Needlework Guild, Holy Name, Parish Centre Jesmond 2 30 em. Celebrates 150th Anniversary Mass. Stella. 7.30 pm Wednesday: Finance Committee meeting. Eliarop's House. 2.30 Om Thursday: Celebrates 1 50th Anniversary Mesa of Sisters of the Cross of the Good Shepherd. Benton. 6 pm.

Bishop McCann, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Seminar, Archbishop Grenshaw School 10.30 am Managers meeting, Seaford Court 2 ern. Saturday: Mass, Maryvale. 9 am. Mass for Knights of Holy Sepulchre. St Chad's Cathedral 11 am. Monday: Standing Committee Conference of Bishops. Westminster. Tuesday: Newman Association, St Mary's. Harborne, 8 prn. Thursday: Visitation. Holy Crow Lichfield, 9.30 am, Mess. St Ambrose Barlow, Hall Green, 7 pre.

Bithop McOulnnass of Nottingham: Friday: Visit De Lisle Comprehensive School Saturday: Ecumenical meeting. Nottingham. 11 am. Monday: Civic Reception, Apostolic Delegate Nottingham. B per Liturgical Reception and Mass, Cathe

'1ral Nottmon am Tunday: Mass w,th ones+, of diocese, Cathedral. 11 30 am Public Mesa. St ...Mary's, Derby. 8 pm. Wednesday: Mass in St --...haseph's Church. Leicester. 11 am Presentation of prizes. 55, Peter S Paul. Lincoln, 6 45 PM ,Thursday: AGM Priests' Eucharistic League, Woe


Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Visits St Clare's Youth Centre. Clacton B DmMass. Our Lady of light. Clacton. 7.30 pm. Mass for Diamond Jubilee of CWL. Cathedral. 2.30 Pm Tuesday-Wednasday: Attends meeting of Essex Churches Consultative Council, London.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop In Walt London: Bunday-Friday: Ministry to Priest Programme, All Saints Pastoral Centre. London Colney.

Bishop Moverisy, of Hallam: Saturday: Meeting of the Dlocesen Pastoral Council at Saint Bodes. Rotherham. 10 am Sunday: Confirmation. St Bede's. Rotherham, 3 pm. Wednesday: Visitation at Forty Martyrs Rotherham. Thursday: Mass and visit at Barlborcugh Hall School.

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday-Monday: Visitation. Our Lady s. Eldon Street Livaipeni Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Saturday: Mass for Catholic Nurses Guild Arundel Cathedral, 3 pm. Sunday: Visits Rye Parish. am. Vespers Service for the Year of Si Francis. WIncheleee. 3.30 pm. Monday: Mess for Sf Wilfrid's Day, St Wlarld's School, Crawley, VP. Ttlieday: Inducts parish priest, St Joseph's. Epsom_ Wednesday: Attends Plenary meeting of Council of Administration. Storrington.

Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire:

Fifthly-Tuesday:JOS-rice end Peace European Com. mission meeting, Pads. Wednesday:GOA Archbishop s House.

BiallOp Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria, Finley: Mass. St Joseph's School, Cockermouth. 3 30 pm Sunday: Visitation. St Kentigein's. Blackpool, 11 am. Tuesday: Visits convents at Svon Abbey, Newton Abbot and Chudleigh. Wednesday: Mass. Carmelite Monastery. Tavistook B ishop thestkeaux of Plymouth: Sunday: Visitation and Mass. St Mary and St George Totnes.10.30 am. Confirmation, 3 pm. Tuesday: Petronal Feast, St Edwards Church, F'everell, Plymouth. 7.30 pm. Attends Buffet Supper at St Edward's Hall. 8.30 pro Thursday: Attends Catenian Clergy Night at the Holiday Inn. Plymouth. 8.30 pm.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday-Monday: Visitation, West Croydon. Tuesday: Visit St John Fisher School. Purley. Wednesday: Presentation to Maria Gross at Rochester. Thursday: Viet to Colorna Convect 5thool. Addiscornhe. Confirmation, Carshalton, 7 Pm.

B ishop Ward of Merman: Sunday: Ordination of Perrnanert Deacon at Bonbon, 11 ans.

B ishop Wheals.' of Leads: Friday: Priests Day, Haziewood Castle Saturday: Head Teachers Conference. Trinity and All Saints. Horsforth. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Joseph's. Bradford. Tuesday: School Mass. St Kevin's. Leeds. 17 am. Wednesday: Consecration of Altar Wilsden. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation. Bothwell

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