Page 1, 9th September 1938

9th September 1938
Page 1
Page 1, 9th September 1938 — CARDINAL GIVES 125 TO REFUGEES " We Again Raise a Cry for Help"

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CARDINAL GIVES 125 TO REFUGEES " We Again Raise a Cry for Help"

Cardinal Hinsley has headed a new appeal for the German refugees in this country by a personal donation of £25.

The Cardinal is most appreciative of the sacrifices already made by Catholics, but he feels bound to make a further appeal, as so far the German Refugee Committee have had " quite an inadequate response."

" We Plead with Parish Priests"

The Cardinal writes: "The problem of succouring the Catholic refugees from Germany and Austria, particularly the Catholic converts in those countries, is becoming more acute. Out Refugee Committee have so far had quite an inadequate response to their appeal for our Brethren who are under the lash of the persecutor.

" We again raise a cry for help. Well we know that our people arc ovei whented with calls on their charity, but if you can only give a penny for this urgent cause, please do so. Your pennies and other small amounts will be gladly received by • the Brothers of the local Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and be forwarded for you to the Hon. Treasurer. C.C.R.G., 120, Victoria Street, London, S.W.I.

" We plead with parish priests to permit sermons of appeal followed by collections or the placing of boxes marked 'For Austrian and German Catholics suffering from oppression the churches."

The Cardinal is confident that many more Catholics would subscribe to the funds of the Refugee Committee if only they knew of the suffering of the men and women who have been exiled from Austria and Germany because of their non-Aryan blood or their fervour for the Church.

Into this country they come with only a sum of money varying front three to ten marks and the clothes they are wearing. Many of them are of the professional classes, doctors, university professors; writers, whose teaching of Christian culture has been condemned as inimical to the racial theories of the Nazi State. They have been stripped of all material possessions and ignominiously hounded from their native land.

In some cases where the exile formerly possessed a great fortune he has been able to salvage not more than one tenth of it. But few of the Catholic refugees coming into this country are even in that position of relative luck.

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