Page 15, 9th September 1938

9th September 1938
Page 15
Page 15, 9th September 1938 — FOREIGN RADIO FOR YOU

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Itnrssuu.s (II): 2 p.m., Lecture-RecitaJ : Opera and Oratorio from the 16th Century to the Present Day-Eber, Rossini, Berlioz. HILVEROVII (11) : 11.10 a.m., Er. 1)ito, 0.P, 7.55 p.m.. Meditation by Abbe de Groove 'with M MONTPELLIER : 6.15 p.m., Lecture-Recital: 16th Century Spanish Polyphon,y. PARIS (ERTEL Tow) : 8 p.m., "Faust ' (Gounod) from the Opera-comique. RADIO EIREANN : 7.40 p.m., Reading: Mary Queen of Scots (Hamilton Bell).


IbutomrxsrErt: 10 a.m., Address; Organ Recital. BRATISLAVA : 9 a.m., High Mase from Trnava.

Mam in F (Reliszay). 7.35 p.m., " The Bar tered Bride "-Opera (Smetana). Brom: 9 a.m., Janacek Choral Music.

Bituaton.s (I) : 7 p.m., Address. 7.15 p.m., Chorale in E (Franck) (Records).

Bausanus (II): 6.30 p.m., Organ Records. 6.45 p.m., Address by Canon Dckkers, O.P. With Christ at the Altar-the Value of Holy Mass.

IttmArns-r (I): ii am., High 'Mai, 4.30 Talk: The Birthplace of St. Stephen Of BODgary.

llii.vnnsum (II): 8.10 a.m., Religious Transmission conducted by the Rev. Fr. S.J. 3.55 p.m., Service for the Sick. 8.10 p.m., Report (Recorded): Queen Wilhelmina 'a 40th Jubilee Celebrations. 10.20 p.m.. Choral Epilogue. 10.40 p.m., Talk in Esperanto by Fr. • LTYtdowilligen : La

inferno, .

LUXEMBOURG : 11.30 a.m„ Address by the Rev. Fr, Lambert: Young People, 'Witnesses of Christ.

MILAN, NAPLKS & RAMC GROUPS : 11 a.m., Missa Cantata from the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence. 12 noon, Address. 12.15 p.m. (Palermo only), Mass from the Franciscan Church. 5.15 p.m. ( Rome Group). Concert from Chigiana Academy of Musio. Concertos (Handel, Dvorak). Stabat water (Pergoles)). 9 p.m. (Rome Group), "Nero." -Opera (Boito).

MONTE CURER/ : GAO a.m., Address by the Rev.

Dr. Alberti : Divine Charity. 8.45 p.m., Concert from Bellinzona in connection with the Swiss Exhibition of Contemporary Sacred Art. Part T. Aria for Strings (Bach). Prelude, "La Passione di Cristo (Perosi). Mesa cAtciliana (Tosi). Part Stabat Luster (Pergolesil. In the interval, Talk on the Stabat muter.

BARRI (RADIO Num): 9.45 a.m., See Prague.

11.45 a.m., Organ Sonata in E flat (Bach). 12 noon, Address by Abbe Andra Richard : Christianity and Human Enterprise. 12.20 p.m., Sacred Music (Records). 8.30 p.m., Concert of the 1914-1918 Authors and Composers' Association.

PRAGUE : 9.45 a.m., Pontifical High Mass from

Stara-Boleslav. Celebrant : Cardinal Kaapar. Te Dem. Talk in Czech, Latin, French and English. Ave Maria. Benediction. 5.45 p.m., Jugoslav Choral Music, 9.35 p.m., Czech Choral Music.

RADIO EIREANN : 6.15 p.m., Bells around Ireland-Relay from Christ Church, Bray. 6.25 p.m., " Franciscan Farewell "-Play (Ana de Blacam).

SOTTENS : 6.30 p.m., Abbe Durouvenoz. STOCKHOLM : 2.30 p.m., Choral Concert of Sacred Music.

STRASBOURG : 11.30 S.M., Steil ie Service; Address in German by Abbe Billing : The Service of God and the Service of Man.

Toutousx (Ritmo Totm.00ss): 11.50 a.m., Studio Service.

WARSAW : 9.15 a.m. (for all Polish Stations), High Mass from Holy Cross Church. Mass (Garbusinski),


URI:Tsars (I) : 8.30 p.m., Liszt and Berlioz Symphony Concert.

LiLt.t: 2 p.m., Organ Recital by Pierre Peers from Notre Dame, Roubaix.

PARIS (PTT): 6 p.m., Organ Recital by Jean Piecand from the Schola Cantornm.

RADIO EIREANN ; FI.50p.m.. Chamber Music Through the Ages (No. 1)-Haydn.


Bznominuirsn: R.35 p.m., Recital of Reger Church Music.

Banat:mg (1): 7 p.m.. Review by Mgr. Picard. 7.15 p.m., Les beaux jours de Rome (Mauriac) with Respig,lit Music. Ilitvngsnid (II): 11.10 a.m.. Fr. Pile, O.P. Pskuux : 7.25 p.m., President. Masaryk Commemoration.

RAD in EIRPANN : 6 p.m., Talk by the Rev. P. IConnolly, S.J. 7 p.m., Lecture-Recital: Composers Who Died Young-Chopin. 7.40 p.m.. Talk in Irish by Michael Breallinitch: Jeanne d'Arc.

Ittion Gaon.: 9 p.m.,." Nero "-Opera (Iloilo).


Blom: 5.40 p.m., Requiem (Langer) for the

Anniversary of President Masaryk's Death. PRAGUE : 7.25 ' P.m., President Masaryk Corn.

Icemoration. 8.45 p.m., Symphonic Poem,

■ srael (Suk). 10.35 p.m.. Sacred Music. RADIO EIREANN : 6.15 p.m., The Cathedral Singers.


linsomiinstrit: 8 pan., Mozart Concert. Con.

cluctor : Denzier. 9.15 p.m.. Liturgical Music from St. Gall Cathedral.

lInArtursum (II): 11.10 a.m.. Fr. Dito, O.P. larxsamovaa : 11.15 a.m., Mass far the Sick from Clervaux Benedictine Abbey. Feast of the Seven Dillon rs. Mass : St abant. Sequence, Stabat Mater. Kyrie VIII ad libatum. Gloria IX. Credo IV. Stabat muter (Ropartz). Offertory (Bach). Sane. tun IX (Dorn Benoit). Agnus (Bach). Stabat meter (Raffil.

Pants (P'11') : 6.30 pin.. Organ Berlin) by Henri Nibelle from the Schola Cantorurn.

RADIO EIREANN : 8.50 p.m.. Burning Questions (No, 2)-There is a Merit in Dictatorship. Chairman : Rev. E. Savell Hicks, Speakers; Louie Bennett, W. Bedell Stanford. F.T.C.D., Erskine Childers, Sean Renting, 13.11.A.


BUDAPEST (I): 7.10 p.m., Talk by Bishop Zadraveez.

Bri.vnasust (II): 11.10 a.m.. Fr. Dito, O.P. 7.15 p.m., Musics catholic:a.

KONIGSBERG : 6.15 p.m., Choir and Organ. Musics : 8.10 p.m.. Mozart Concert (Salzburg

Festival Recordings). Cassation in Ii flat.

Mass in C niinor.

PRAGUE : 8 p.m., " St, Ludmilla "-Oratorio (Dvorak). RADIO NoRMAN DV : 1145 p.m., " The Pearl iFishers " (Bizet) from Fecamp Casino. Roan Gaon.: 9 p.m., " Falstaff " (Verdi).

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