Page 2, 9th September 1949

9th September 1949
Page 2
Page 2, 9th September 1949 — Dutch Collections

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Dutch Collections

Your correspondent Mr. D. R. Clarke must certainly have seen double when he saw an army of collectors descend upon him in a Catholic church at Rotterdam. The usual number of collections is three, and five is the limit.

Needless to say that the Dutch Catholics are no more pleased with the distractions caused by these collections than our British visitors, and in a great number of churches a small money-box has been placed at the beginning of each pew to avoid all collections during Mass, except in case of a special offering. But the past and present of the Catholic Church in Holland is certainly double-Dutch to Mr. Clarke, if he blames the collections for the Refortnalion. Surely the Reformation is to blame for the collections in this country, since the Catholics had to scrape every penny together to build their own churches and institutions after they had been taken away from them. And as regards the present, Mr. Clarke cannot have failed to notice that in spite of du. collections Catholicism in the Netherlands is growing in numbers and intensity. TH. ZWARTERUIS, Hageveld, Heenistede.

The Portrait of Christ Will you please permit me to point out to correspondents who are, rightly so, interested in this highly important subject that I have for a long time been preparing a book treating of this subject. I have already in past years written articles thereon in Ireland, the United States, and India, and have also in England distributed free copies of my article in the Irish Catholicnow out of print.

In my new hook I have carefully investigated the stories of the portrait of Our Divine Lord, as your two correspondents relate, and found them wanting. The only authentic portrait of Christ is revealed in the Holy Shroud of Turin. -P. W. O'Goittusass C.M.G., M.D., LieutColonel, Harrow-on-the-Hill.

" Indecent " Wear The utterance of the Bishop of Barcelona regarding foreigners who walk about the streets and even dare to enter church " wearing deficient and indecent clothing" may be misleading.

Catholics in this country may get the impression that " deficient and indecent clothing " is something akin to beachwear, whereas from much experience in Spain I am convinced that it means short (elbow length) sleeves. Only a year ago a Catholic friend of mine, kneeling near the front qf the church one week-day was asked to go away because she had short sleeves. She took herself to the back of the church but was told that they could not start Mass until she went out. INGLESA CATOLICA.

Sound Reflection fos Preachers hape read recently in the Catholic newspaper Press that preachers in some religious orders in Germany are trained in elocution and singing by means of some modern form of sound reflector which enables the student to hear the sound of his own voice. This invention should be of great value to choirmasters, voice trainers and elocutionists. Can you, Sir, or any of your readers, describe the principle of this sound reflector and say where it can be procured? --austere.

Germany Today May I, through the medium of Tim CATHOLIC HERALD, endeavour to counteract a wrong impression that seems prevalent in Englandthe impression that Germany is well on the way to prosperity and needs little help from outside.

Since the currency reform conditions have certainly improved and shops are well stocked, but for the mass of workers, whose weekly wages vary from 40-50 D.M.,* prices are far too high.

To those readers of Twe CornoLIC HERALD who have in the past helped, may I appeal to them to continue sending occasional parcels to individual families, or send a donation, however small, to P.O.W.A.S.. The Hollies, Furzefield Road, East Grinstead. (Mesa MOYA DORAN, R.B. Aachen, B.A.O.R. 4.

*Nominal value of D.M. is Is. 6d.

Catholic Visitors to Dublin

Catholic visitors to Dublin may not know that there is Low Mass with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament every Sunday and Holiday of Obligation in St. Audeon's Church, High Street, at one o'clock p.m. Ten minutes' walk from College Green.

Inchicone bus, No. 21. from College Green passes church door. JOHN JOSEPH MORRIS, Dublin.

Statue of Our Lady of Fatima May I please be allowed space to bring to the notice of your readers that the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, presented to this country by the Portuguese Ambassador, about which reference has already been made in your columns (and which is now at St. James's. Spanish Place), will, during the late autumn and winter be carried in a pilgrimage of prayer and penance through the Archdiocese of Westminster. CliaRLES OSBORNF. 41 Hockerill Street, Bishop's Stortford.

The Fatima Call In appreciating M. A. Crosby's Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima through her Holy Rosary, may we not forget that this was but one of the weapons which she offered to us. Did she not call us also to do penance and practice Christlike charity in our work and sacrifices for all poor sinners? If and when we respond so shall we have also a strong coat of armour to fight against " the greatest challenge in the history of Christianity.-PILGRIM."

The Rosary Leaflet

At the first Mystery the Annunciation I read Gospel for March 25,

Violation Gospel for July 2, Nativity Midnight Mass Gospel and 50 on for the Sorrowful and Glorious, only the Assumption and Crowning of Our Lady are left to think about for myself. It would be a boon to me if someone would publish a Rosary Book with the Gospels from the Missal for each decade, including the little prayer after the Gloria advised by Our Lady of Fatima.(Miss) PHILIPPA C. SPRADBLRY. 21 Orchard Road. Moreton, Wirral.

C.S.G. in London

You say the London branch is

now one year old." In point of fact, there are four fully established branches within the London area, viz., Central London, Clapham and District. South-east London, and North-east Surrey. These four branches form a district association known as London Council C.S.G., which replaces the old London Council of Study Circles. J. A. DELEPINE, Secretary C.S.G., 12 Victoria Mews, Kilburn, N.W.6.

The Rosary in Hyde Park The four objects for which the Rosary is offered every Sunday in Hyde Park are: I. A just and lasting Peace.

2. The Conversion of Russia.

3. The welfare of all persecuted Christians in Eastern and Central Europe and throughout the world.

4. The Conversion of England. May an admiring visitor suggest that the Rosary be offered for a fifth most important object Social Justice? Eons; O'MAnoisiv, Inner Temple, E.C.4.

A Catholic Broadcast The Low Mass broadcast by the B.H.C. recently from Exeter with commentary by Fr. Agnellus Andrew proved another wonderful success.

Furthermore, may the encourag ing fresh development of Vatican Radio he drawn attention to? An additional short wave frequency is now being used for the two daily English transmissions so that in the next " reminder " in your radio column the details can be given thus: Afternoon News at 4 o'clock. B.S.T. on the 19 25 and 31 metre hands. Evening talk at 7.15. B.S.T. on the 25 31 and 50 metre bands. JOSEPH 1. W000s, St Joseph's, 11 Alderney Avenue, Hounslow, Middlesex.

Mass Registers I did not enter the " one true Fold" till I was 35, and it was very Unexpectedly that. several years later, I found myself at the head of a Catholic school, though a small one. Previously I had never been in a Catholic school at all.

When I came upon a little notebook which turned out to be a register of attendances at Mass, I was somewhat shocked. Attendance at Mass was far too holy a thing to

be " marked," I felt. Still, being anxious to follow existing practices, and to help the children to have a feeling of responsibility regarding attendance at Mass, I made out a register of a sort. The plan, suited to our particular circumstances, applied only to children who were not being accompanied by their parents and did not involve much trouble; but, alas, I eventually slid into using the commonplace registration I at first had not quite ap-, proved of. Therefore I was thankful to be pulled up by the writer, a headmaster, who contributed to your paper recently the article, "The Quality of Christian Education."

0. G-S.

Our Catholic M.P.s The names of our Catholic M.P.s should be known to us all, but there aro many, like myself, I am sure, whose self-compiled list would number no more than three or four; the names of Sir Patrick Hannon, Richard Stokes and Robert Mellish spring readily to the minds of most of us owing to their frequent appearance in the daily as well as the Catholic Press. M. AarroNy HOARE, 43 Pownall Crescent, Colchester, Essex.

[The names of Catholic M.P.s are in the Catholic Directory which can be found in any public library. -Editor, CH.]

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