Page 8, 9th September 1949

9th September 1949
Page 8
Page 8, 9th September 1949 — Dr. Adenauer On Germany's Problems

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Locations: Stuttgart


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Dr. Adenauer On Germany's Problems

Socialists had opposed including in the basic law the article that the family and marriage are the basis of human society.

The Socialist Frau Dr. Seibert had declared: " We are shutting our eyes to the realities of life, if we do not see that today new forms of life are developing outside of marriage.

" These new forms are by no means to be rejected as immoral. The principles of the family and of marriage have been destroyed by Life itself."

PROTESTANTS Another Socialist, Dr. Grave, had asserted: " The proposition that marriage is the legal form of the life association between man and woman can never be valid law The same is true of the second proposition, that marriage is the basis of the family." After reading these passages, Dr. Adenauer added: " In its fundamentals the Social Democratic Party is fully related to Communism."

I asked Dr. Adenauer whether it was true that Protestants were leaving the Christian Democrats for other parties.

Dr. Adenauer replied: "Quite the contrary. The Christian Democratic Party is gaining ground among the Evangelical population, precisely because they see in it the only bulwark against Bolshevism." He cited as supporters of the C.D.P. outstanding Protestants like Dr. Kunze, the director of Bethel, the great Protestant Charity Settlement, and Dr. Gerstenmaier, the

director of the Evangelisches Hiltswerk at Stuttgart. The elections

which followed our conversation, have borne out Dr. Adenauer's statement.

ECONOMIC QUESTIONS We then turned to economic questions and his views on the centrally planned economy that had been imposed in 1945.

Dr. Adenauer declared: " The Socialist Ztvangswirtschaft or centrally planned economy led to the complete economic collapse of GerMany, whereas the free economy introduced in 1948 by the Christian Democrats has brought about the great change, ,, This improvement cannot be ascribed solely to Marshall Aid, because Britain has also received Marshall Aid but still finds herself in difficulties with her centrally planned economy."

I pointed out that prices in Germany were high. Dr. Adenauer retorted that they were now lower than a year ago and were steadily falling.

Good shoes could be had for 15 marks. or 21s. a pair. He drew my attention to the autnmer sales, in which men's suits were selling for as little as 38 marks or less than £3. Women's hats were being sold off at less than a shilling.

These falling prices were the great achievement of the social marketing (soziale Marktwirtscha ft), which the Christian Democrats had introduced in place of the centrally planned economy.


I asked Dr. Adenauer to explain the difference between an economy run on the lines of social marketing and a completely free economy.

Said Dr. Adenauer: " Under the former raw materials are fed to the factories that produce goods for the masses, whilst little scope is allowed to meie luxury production.

" But within the framework of social marketing there is free competition as regards prices and therefore the incentive to produce .nd sell as cheaply as possible."

My last question was: "What do you think of the Allied denazification?"

Dr. Adenauer replied drily: " What can one think of denazification. if a man like Schacht is acquitted? A man, who in my opinion is one of those who bear the greatest responsibility for the misery and disaster of the yvorld today."

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