Page 2, 9th September 1960

9th September 1960
Page 2
Page 2, 9th September 1960 — No Catholic reading ?then it's your fault

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Locations: Berlin


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No Catholic reading ?then it's your fault

SIR,-There are several ways in which "Catechumen" can obtain enough "Catholic reading" to last him for the rest of his earthly life, without any further heartbreaks.

He might, for instance, join the Catholic Central Library, either in person or by post. Or he could visit the nearest branch of his public library. Almost any Catholic book not on the shelves can he bought for him, or if necessary, borrowed from one of the University special, or public libraries in England or abroad, cooperating in the inter-loan scheme.

Most of the reference departments in our larger public libraries display such periodicals as "Blackfriars", "The Month", The Heythrop Journal", "The Downside Review", "The Tablet", "Dominican Studies", and the "Catholic Gazette", in which "Catechumen" will tud reviews of the latest Cathlolic books, And Catholic newspapers are usually to be found in the newspaper reading MOM.

Public libraries are always glad to have suggestions from readers for new books for their book-order lists.

Any Catholic bookseller will welcome a letter or a visit from "Catechumen'' and will be only too glad to help him. In these days of the paperback one doesn't need to be frightfully rich' to actually buy a few Catholic books!

The public libraries can and do cater for people from all walks of life and at every level of intellectual development. One doubts very much whether the average parish has sufficient resources of the necessary qualified people to organise, develop, and. run an efficient library.

Cleric and lay correspondents have often stressed in this paper the value, as a piece of "Catholic Action", of asking one's local branch of the public library to obtain a particular Catholic book, Which will probably be read also,

by scores of one's non-Catholic brethren. Whilst "hunting" for Catholic literature, "Catechumen" might care to help them too. G. L. Carter

Librarian, British Council Library, Berlin. Berlin-Friedenau, Studentenstrasse 3, Gartenhaus Germany.

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