Page 8, 9th September 1977

9th September 1977
Page 8
Page 8, 9th September 1977 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Hums, Archbishop of Weeminstsr Friday' Opens Cornerstone, Cathedral Christian Life Study Centre, Cethedral Conference Centre. 6 pm; Mass. Sunday National Reiser/age. Walaingham. Tuesday: Foyles Luncheon. Dorchester Hotel; Mess, Hemel Hempstead North, 7 pm. Wedriesdly: Meets area biehops end deans, Archbishopia House, am; Mesa for retirement of Fr Votary. MSFF. Cathedral Crypt Thursday: Visits HM Prison, Pentonvilla.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Friday: Visitation, Sr Mary Cray and Creyford. Sunday: Mesa, Aylesford; heads Pilgrimage for Religious Sisterx Monday: Visitation. Wastgats-on-See and Minster, pm, Wednesday: Visitation, Mungeharn and Sandwich, pm. Archbishop Woriock of Over-pool Saturday: Conference, Family and Social Action. Spode. Sunday: Mass tor Elderly. Cathedral. 3 pm. Moridey-Tuesday;• Interdenominational meeting, Christ's College, Liverpool. Wednesday: Meeting. Archbishop's Council, Curial Offices, 10 em. Thursday: Preaches, installation of Presidert, Wrexham Ceuecil of Churches, Sr Giles, Wrexham, 730 pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Sunday: National Pilgrimage, Walsinghem. Tuesday: Executive Meeting, Commission for Priesey Formation; Meets Archbishop of Aibi, Bishop's House. Chester, Thursday: Board of Administration Meeting, Crewe.

Bishop Cesey of BrEntwood Friday: Finance Board Meeting. am. Sunday: Mass, National Pilgrimage, Wataingham. Thursday: Mess for Golden Jubilee, St Philip's Priory, Chelmsford, 6.]0 pm.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia Sunday: National Iffignmage, Walsingham. Monday Tuesday: Ecumenical Conference, Liverpool. Wednesday: BBC Executiee Committee Meeting, London.

B iehop Emery of Portsmouth Wednesday: Mass, Cathedral Chapter Meeting. Cathedral, 11 am.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Meeting with representatives of Schools Commission end others, Bishop's House, 2.30 pm. Saturday: "Ufa" Conference, Cestlehead. arange-over.Sands, 2 pro. Sunday: Leads Blessed Sacrament Procession., Little Sisters. Preston, 3 pm. Wednesday: Central Council Meeting, Rescue Society, Preston, 2.30 pm. Thursday: Mess. presents Papal Award, Mount Street Convent Chapel, Preston. 6.30 pm.

B ishop Fox of Mersey* Sunday: Visitation, Pwilhee. Tuesday: Priests Council Meeting. Mold. Thursday: InatalletIon of President of Wrexham Council of Churches.

B ishop Grant of Northampton -Sunday: Nation& Pilgrimage, Waisleghem. Tuesday-Friday; Missionary Council General Assembly. Bishop Quinton', Bishop in Elect London Sunday: National Pilgrimage, Walsingham. Moncley-Friday: AVEC Meeting, London. Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Meeting of Catholic Social Services Council, Liverpool, pot. Sunday. Mesa, St Francis, Skelmererfale. ern; Ecumenical Conference, Christ's College, Liverpool. Wednesday: Archbishop's! Council Meeting, Liverpool. ant: Deanery Meeting. St Anne's. Liverpool, pm. Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London Sunday: National Pilgrimage, vveisregham, Monday: Clergy Meeting. Cockfosters, am. Tuesday; Deanery Meeting. 9m Wednesday: Council ol Diocesan Atwry. am Thursday: Meeting, Diocesan Social Work Agencies, pm B ishop Holland of Salford Friday Sunday; Visitation, St Thomas More, Aikringlon. Tuesday: Ladree of Charity AGM, St Joseph, Plymouth Grove. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Board of AdminiatratIon. 10.30 am.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop In Central London Friday Opening of Cornerstone, Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre,

6 pm. Saturday! Mass for opening of Walsingham Walk, Kingsway, 6.15 pm. Sunday: National Pilgrimage, Walsingham. Tuesday: Westminster I Deanery Meeting, 11 em. Wednesday: Council 01 Diocesan Athers, 1D am; Deans' Mooing, Archbishop's House. 2 pm. Thursday! Education CommieSion Meeting. Westminster Religious Education Cargos, 5.30 pm. B ishop MoCartla, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: Meeting of Religious Advisers. Saturday: Mess, Newman Society, Coventry, 7.30 pm. Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunday: Annual Mass for Fleligioul Sisters of diocese. Cathedral, 3 pm. Wednesday. Visitation, Dronfield. Thursday: Mass and blessing of extensions. Bestwood.

7 pm. Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Tuesday: Foyies Luncheon. Wednesday: Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, Catecheticel Centre. 6 pm. Thursday: Steering Committee of Pastoral Council, 7 pm.


The silver jubilee of the episcopal ordina

tion of Bishop Lawrence Hardman was celebrated this week. He was ordained Bishop of Zomba, Malawi, and returned from Africa in 1S70. He Is now parish priest of Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria.

Or Ernst Schumaker, CBE, Economics

adviser to the National Coal Board from 1o50 to 19)0, aged 66. Born in Bonn. he emigrated to Britain in 1937. His publications inciade °Roots of Economic Growth'. He was recerety involved in conservation as President of the Soil Assnciatioe. setting out his ideas for a deuentratipert non-capital intensive society In "Small is Beautiful-.

Mns Eileen Hoare, OBE, deputy chairman of London County Council from 1962 to 1964. and Conservative Member for Putney from the early 1950's, In Ipswich, aged 73. Requiem Mass we, at St Mark's, 41swicon os



Ng Canon htingato, of St

Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, egad 77, in the parish where he was born. Ha was deal, arid worked es cheerierm for the deaf in the Birmingham area alt riTs life. Its was made an lionorary 1:0,109 0 1970.


The following appointments in the diocese tif Shrewsbury. Parish Priests: L St John. from St Elizabeth's, Wythenshewe to St Christopher's, Romiley, Curates to parish priest*: J. H. Stretton. from Our Lady's, Stockport, to St Elizabeth's, Wythenshawe; Fr D, Gaul from St Vincent's. Altrincham. to Sacred Heart, Cheadle Heath. Assistant priests: Fr E. M. Abbott from St Christopher's Romiiey to Our Lady's Birkenhead; Fr I. Burke, from studies in Rome to St Alban's, Macclesfield; Fr A. Leonard, from St Alban's. Macclesfield, to St Michael's Woodvurch, Birkenhead. Fr P. Gtencenning from atudias to English Martyrs', Wallasey. Newly ordained: Fr P. Lawrence to Si Vincent's, Altrinchare.

To outside the diocese. Fr R. Strange from English Martyr's, Wallasey, to Oxford University es Aseietent Chaplain.

Dr lnamulish Khan of Peklaten. Chairman of the World Muslim Congress has become a judge of the Inter-Faith Templeton Foundation Prite for Progress in Religion, it was announced In Belfast leat week. Or Xhan, 63. was born in Rangoon. Burma, and migrated to Pakistan In 1948, He is widely known as a speaker and writer an Islamic al fairs end is considered the representative spokernen of Islam Bishop Kevin Mchlemsre of Kerry has been appointed one of the eight Catholic representatives of a working party for official ecumenical discussions over the next five years with the Disciples of Christ, which has a million members in the United States, Britain, New Zereend and South Africa. The first meeting of the working party will be in Indianapolis later this month, at which Bishop McNamara will deliver a paper On recent trends and developments in the Catholic Church.

Fr Anthony Dennick, who has been the Archbishop of Liverpool's secretary for more than seven years, will later this year be giving more time to work et the Curial Offices where, in addition to his role as ViceChancellor. he will be working with the priests engaged in the tasks of the Archdiocesen Matrimonlet Tribunal. Fr Den

nick has also been epointed Principal Master of Ceremonies for the archdiocese in SUCCESSR.311 to Mgr Deem and he will remein es chaplain to the Good Shepherd Sisters at Eton Lodge Archbishop Warlock het appointed Fr John Furnival to be his Chaplain. He will ecconipany the Archbishop to Rome for the Synod THE following spoointments have been announced by the Archdiocese of Glasgow: Fr Michael Henretty, from St Michael's Dumbarton, to St Mark's. Carntyne. as parish priest In succession to the late Rev Edmond Budd% Fr Edward Kelly. from Si Cherie', N. KetvInsIde, to Si Micheeta Dumbarton; Fr John Gilmartin, Director of Religious Education Centre, to St Joseph's, MiLegavie; Fr Hugh McGinley, former Director of RE Centre, from St Joseph's. N Woodside Road, to Institute of Religious Education, Mount Oliver, Dundalk, as Tutor; Fr AnthonyGallagher, from St Mary's, Calton, to Sr Catherine's, N. Balornock, and Chaplain to St Columba of lone Secondary School; Fr John Brannan, from Cathedral, to St Anne's Dennistoun; Fr Christopher Gilfedder, Born further study at Institut Catholique. Perla, to Cathedral; Fr Bernard Connell, from St Anna's Dannietoun, to Our Lady of the Assumption, Ruchill; Fr David Tracey, from Our Lady of the Assumption, Ruchill. to St Martin's, Cestlemek; Fr Joseph Boyle, from Si Martin's, Ceetlemilk, to St Mary's College, Plaits; Fr Michael Woodford, St Robert's, Houaehillwood, On loan to the Diocese of Dunksid (St John's, Penh); Fr Martin Drysdale, from St John's, Perth, on loan to the Archdiocese of Glasgow, to St Peter's College, Car-dross; Fr Gererd

Meacher (newly ardainedl from St Roch's tsareged (temporary appointment), to St Roberts. Househiliwood: Fr Fells Beattie.

from Sr Brenden's Yoker, to South American Missions: Fr Francis Courtney. from St Eunan's Clydebank. to St Brendan's, Volker; er Desmond Maguire, from St Gregory's. Wyndford. to Our Lady of Good Counsel, Dennistourn Fr Patrick Gahagan, from Our Lady of Good Couneel. Dennistoun, to St Pear's. Penick; Fr Francis McMariarnon, from St Peter's. Pailick to Ireland (wailed), Fr Ewen McPhail, Sr Paul's Shettleston, assesein to St Andrew's Seoonciary Schooi In succession to Fr Gerard McGuinness, SOB; Fr Andrew Toien, St Brendan's Volker, Chaplain to St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, In succession to Fr John O. McGinley; Fr John 0 McGinley, Sr Paul's, Whiteinch, to University of Glasgow for further study. Fr Anthony Welsh, -St Constantine's, Govan. to St Robert's, Househiliwood (after temporary supply In St Michael's Dumbarton, during Refresher Course), Fr George Crawley, from St Conyers, Poitok, to St Contantine's, Govan; Fr Andrew Hole Inewie ordained), from St Peter's Partick (temporary appointment) to St Convel's Poliok: Fr Hugh McGinley Jr, (newly ordained), to St Teresa'a, Posslipark.

Bishop Jeremiah Newman of Limerick has announced an exchange of four priests of the diocese with members of the St Patrick's Missionary Society serving with the African missions. They are Fm Edward Lobby, Thomas Crawford, Mules O'Connor and Albert Nix.

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