Page 8, 9th September 1977

9th September 1977
Page 8
Page 8, 9th September 1977 — From the lies

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From the lies


Sultan and Pope

Monsignor Bonetti has delivered to the Pope an autograph letter from the Sultan, dealing with the Eastern question and expressing satisfaction at the approaching conclusion of peace and the consequent prevention of further bloodshed.

Jews' return opposed

The Pope, being uneasy at the extent of the Zionist movement for the return of Jews to

Palestine. and the statement that promises have already

been made in their favour by the Sultan, has (says the Rome correspondent of the "Daily News ') called Monsignor Bonetti, Apostolic Delegate at Constantinople to Rome, to devise means for opposing the Jewish plans, which are natural

ly regarded with horror by good Catholics. In fact, this project

interferes with the Pope's own desire to collect the necessary

money to redeem the Holy Land from the infidel. The

Vatican has also made representations to France,

which has the protection of Catholic interests in the East.

Dominican's visit

Great interest is being taken by Catholics in the visit to this country of the Most Rev Father Andrew Fruhwirth, DD, Master General of the Dominican Order. As head of an Order which has been distinguished for the piety and learning of its members, the Master General is famous for attaining his position at a comparative early age. He was elected General at a Chapter held at Lyons when he was only 54, and is the 74th Head of the Order since St Dominic. His

visit to this country is to arrange for still further develonine the knowledge of the members ot• his Order by appointing to each house Science teachers of ability, the Dominicans being both a preaching and an educational body. He holds the rank of a Grandee of Spain of the first rank an honour which always belongs to the Chief of the Dominicans. He isi at present staying with the Dominicans at the Priory, Haverstock Hill, and on Sunday celebrated High Mass, with the full Dominican rites, in the fine church of the Convent. It was expected that the Master General would have given the sermon, but he does not speak English.

* * • * * A French princess has given a considerable sum to the St Joseph nuns in Athens to found a home for the children of Greek officers killed in the late war, * * * Crosswell, an inmate of the Sydney Lunatic Asylum, claims he is Sir Roger Charles Doughty Tichborne. Other lunatics not yet in asylums are finding money to back him up. * * *

King Mwanga has lost his crown and whatever influence he had in Uganda. It is said he had given up rum. But he has since taken to ivory smuggling, and that led to his downfall.

[ 40


"Non-Aryan Virgin"

Great indignation is expressed in Poland at an article published in the German weekly newspaper Die Arbeitsmann. In this article the celebrated "Black Virgin" of Czenstochowa, which is the object of great reverence in Poland, is described and criticised with extreme malice.

The article compares this image of Our Lady with a negress, and the author expresses astonishment that Aryans should go to pray before such an image.

Those who know Poland will well understand the outraged feelings of the Polish people at this exquisite exhibition of Nazi taste and tact.

Nazi Congress

All churches of Nuremberg, Protestant and Catholic, were compelled last Monday to ring out their bells for half an hour in honour of the opening of the Nazi Party Congress.

The diplomatic representatives of 48 countries, including this time the Ambassadors of Great Britain and France and the Chargé d'Affaires of the United States. accepted the Nazi Party's invitation to attend the congress as guests of honour.

The Papal Nuncio. the Soviet Ambassador and the representatives of Norway and Peru declined to be present. Mgr Orsenigo, the Papal Nuncio, who left Germany immediately before the congress, had had during these last weeks several long conversations with Herr von Mackensen, Secretary of State in the Berlin Foreign Office. The talks dealt with the general relationship between the Holy See and the Berlin Government, but particularly with the expulsion of the clergy from German schools.

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