Page 6, 10th January 1997

10th January 1997
Page 6
Page 6, 10th January 1997

Calling Genocide By Its Name

PAUL HOCKENOS welcomes a study of the twisted ideology that lay behind the slaughter in Bosnia The Bridge Betrayed: Religion and Genocide in Bosnia, by Michael A......

A Vision Bigger Than The Man

MARYANNE TRAYLEN defends Carl Jung The Jung Cult, by Richard Noll, Fontana Press £7.99 R I CHARD NOLL'S controversial book TheJung Cult, which provoked worldwide debate and......

Oxford Movement Revisited

RECENT PAPERBACKS Newman: From Oxford to the People, edited by Paul Vass, Gracewing £15.99. The Oxford Movement is welltrodden ground, but scholarly interest in it shows no......