Page 8, 10th January 1997

10th January 1997
Page 8
Page 8, 10th January 1997

Parish In Focus: St Lawrence's Church, Feltham, Middlesex

The riches of the Church THE TRAIN CRAWLS slowly into the station, windows misted. Stepping onto the platform cold air burns exposed faces; hands plunge deeper into pockets and......

Bishops ' Diaries 12th 18th January

ENGLAND Cardinal Basil Hume (Westminster): Mon-Wed: Interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House. Thu: Addresses Heads of Independent Catholic Schs, 12.30pm. Fri: Cambridge......


Bart Harrington BARI HARRINGTON, who died on 20 December, was born in Cardiff in 1918, of Irish parents, the youngest of six children and the only boy. Bart attended the parish......