Page 8, 10th July 1992

10th July 1992
Page 8
Page 8, 10th July 1992

Generation Games

HEART of the Matter (BBCI, Sunday) opened with a shot of a 55-year-old woman cooing over a cot not an unusual sight when the contents of the cot are the work of her daughter,......

The Madonna In Unfamiliar Guise

THE advertisement for the South Bank Photo Show uses a picture of Our Lady surrounded by flowers and candles. She appears to wear a transparent crown but at the exhibition it......

What Do The Scriptures Say About Life On Other Planets?

Deuteronomy 30, 10-14 Colossians 1, 15-20 Luke 10, 25-27 THE second reading today is a hymn that proclaims the absolutely unique position of Christ. "Christ Jesus is the image......