Page 15, 10th July 2009

10th July 2009
Page 15
Page 15, 10th July 2009

Searching For The Truth About A Monstrous Crime

The James Bulger case was not the first incident of children murdering other children, says John Hinton The Devil’s Children BY LORETTA LOACH ICON BOOKS, £14.99 I n the Catholic......

Mind Of A Saint

Simon Caldwell says the definitive biography of Newman now addresses current controversies John Henry Newman BY IAN KER OUP, £30 I t is a good time to read the life and works of......

Mapping The Bible

Oxford Bible Atlas BY ADRIAN CURITS OUP, £12.99 The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Bible Lands BY CAROLINE HULL AND ANDREW JOTISCHKY PENGUIN, £18.99 I t is 25 years since the......