Page 15, 10th September 2010

10th September 2010
Page 15
Page 15, 10th September 2010

How Dogma Allows Us To See Ourselves As We Are

Brian Welter delves into the ‘non-official’ theology of Benedict XVI The Ratzinger Reader BY LIEVEN BOEVE & GERARD MANNION CONTINUUM, £22.99 J ust as modernity has touched every......

The Men In Red

A lively history of the cardinals casts light on the workings of the Vatican, says Francis Phillips The Cardinals BY MICHAEL WALSH CANTERBURY PRESS, £20 M ichael Walsh, the......

Spiritual Books Francis Phillips

Blessed John Henry Newman by Kathleen Dietz FSO and MaryBirgit Dechant FSO, Gracewing, £12.99 Cardinal Newman, like saints John Bosco, Thérèse of Lisieux and Bernadette of......