Page 6, 11th April 1997

11th April 1997
Page 6
Page 6, 11th April 1997

New Rites For Old

Recent Paperbacks Rites of Justice, by Megan McKenna, Orbis Books, £8.99.The rituals of the Catholic Church inextricably connect us to the ethics of Jesus, argues Dr McKenna.......

The Real Meaning Of Icons

Icons are a powerful and even essential protection against false doctrine, argues WILLIAM BARLOW Praying with Icons by Jim Forest, Otis Books, £9.99 P ERHAPS YOU HAVE noticed.......

Behind The Façade Of Edith Sitwell

HAL JENSEN on an extraordinary convert to Catholicism Selected Letters of Edith Sitwell, edited by Richard Greene, Virago, £20. A CADEME LENDS respectability to our predilection......