Page 8, 11th April 2003

11th April 2003
Page 8
Page 8, 11th April 2003

Is It Just Snobbery That Makes The Brits So Anti-american?

Dwight Longenecker is shocked by how many otherwise intelligent Englishmen assume that Americans are only interested in pillaging the world's resources and dominating the weak......

An Armigerous Cleric With An Eye For A Cardinal

Personal view Richard Mullen T he recent death of Archbishop Bruno Heim reminded me of a delightful afternoon in 1979 when he was the Apostolic Delegate. 1 had reviewed his......

Why We Need Priests To Be Unfashionable

'There have always been liberal priests; there have always been conservative priests; priests are just like the rest of us' Mary Kenny m Catholic priests — according to a report......