Page 15, 11th June 1982

11th June 1982
Page 15
Page 15, 11th June 1982

The Great Prayer At The Centre Of Mass

THE EUCHARISTIC Prayer, the great Thanksgiving Prayer is the centre of the Mass. All that has gone before is a preparation and the Prayer begins in an especially solemn way with......

Pope John Paul And His Part M My Uplift

by Spike Milligan HALLELUJAH! I was so delighted with the Pope's visit that I, in a burst of Irish Catholicism, the intensity of which would have melted St Patrick's crosier,......

Water As The Source Of Creative Power

Scripture Notebook Conrad Pepler O.P. 12th Sunday of the Year Job c1 vv 1, 8-11; 2 Cor c5 vv 14-17; Mark c4 vv 35-41. THE WORD in the second creation used the elements used in......