Page 18, 11th October 1935

11th October 1935
Page 18
Page 18, 11th October 1935

The New Germany Described

Enormous Military Machine PEOPLE HAPPY BUT POOR From a Special Correspondent [The writer of the following writes to us: " I must ask for it to be anonymous, as my friends in......

"a Disastrous Error" Parents And Children In The Nazi State

SPIRIT OF HITLER YOUTH From Our Munich Correspondent At the moment the campaign against the Catholic youth organisations is focussed on Bavaria and Baden, where the percentage......

The Deaf Can Hear The British Isles Contains 3.000,000 Deaf

pet sons, and an equally large number of nard-ol-heal ing pc! N.,. The addition of sound to the screened picture caused the exhibitor to pay more attention to the hearing of the......