Page 7, 12th December 1975

12th December 1975
Page 7
Page 7, 12th December 1975

No Day Like The Next In A Hospital

by SARAH HILL WHEN I asked a studentnurse friend how things were going a few weeks ago, she replied: "Marvellous I'm on the male cardiacs this week." She had had about nine......

Two-tier World 'will End In Violence'

Fr Francis O'Leary, the Director of Jospice International, has given a warning that the present uneasy relationship between rich and poor worlds is likely to topple into......

How To Get On In The Great Outdoors

By MAUREEN VINCENT The idea of a camping holiday either brings out the pioneer in you or fills you with horror. So far, I have found myself firmly in the latter category. It' it......