Page 15, 12th February 2010

12th February 2010
Page 15
Page 15, 12th February 2010

The Queen Who Had The Gift Of Alienating People

The Lady in the Tower BY ALISON WEIR JONATHAN CAPE, £20 A lison Weir’s new book, subtitled The Fall of Anne Boleyn , is an in-depth study of the last month of the tragic Queen’s......

A Delicate Labour

The Italian Inquisition wasn’t really as bad as it’s been made out to be, argues Jonathan Wright The Italian Inquisition BY CHRISTOPHER BLACK YALE, £35 G iven the endless parade......

Faith Is Beautiful

From Granny with Love BY NICOLE HALL FROMGRANNYWITHLOVE.COM, £10 W hen one studies 20th-century Russian history it is often the babushkas, the grandmothers, who emerge as the......