Page 14, 13th August 2010

13th August 2010
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Page 14, 13th August 2010

Pregnancy Brings A Lounger Back To Life

FILM REVIEW Andrew M Brown The Refuge CERT 15, 88 MINUTES T he Refuge , from the French director François Ozon, is a poignant and thoughtful story about a woman expecting a......

Cumbrians Take New Work In Stride

MUSIC REVIEW Michael White Lake District Summer Music AMBLESIDE, CUMBRIA P eople generally go to the Lake District for outward-bound experiences, not culture. But through two......

Come Back, Anne Rice, The Church Needs You!

CULTURE Fr Robert Barron A nne Rice, the gothic and religious novelist and revert to the faith, has announced via her Facebook page that she has decided to “quit being a......