Page 9, 14th April 2000

14th April 2000
Page 9
Page 9, 14th April 2000

The Irrelevance Of Religious History

Brian Brindley assesses a distinguished but sterile study Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews by Paula Fredriksen Macmillan £20 A T FIRST GLANCE this may seem to be a religious......

Swaggart Sex, Scandal And Speaking In Tongues

Phil Hoad is intrigued by a new biography of the pioneer of the small screen confessional Swaggart by Ann Rowe Seaman Continuum £16.99 T HE CULTURE of public-service......

The Perils Of Truth

Fundamentalism starts as a subtle distortion of important truths, finds Quentin de la Bedoyere The Battle fOr God by Karen Armstrong HarperCollins £20 W HEN I left school in the......