Page 13, 14th August 1936

14th August 1936
Page 13
Page 13, 14th August 1936

;ummer Fruits In Winter

Useful Bottling And Preserving Hints By CONS7'ANCE KING. The housewife who can conjure luscious me-grown peaches, gooseberries, rhubarb d other well-loved summer fruits, on the......

An Art That Is Dying

When Men Ruined Their Fortunes for Lace Cameos from a Lace Cupboard. By Ruth Bigg-Wither. (National Libraries Publishing Co. 15s.). Have we lost the taste for fine lace in these......

Children's Catholic Herald

THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING HOLIDAY EXCITEMENTS Neither Great Britain nor South Africa has done well in the Olympic Games in Berlin. We certainly scored a great success when......