Page 15, 14th August 2009

14th August 2009
Page 15
Page 15, 14th August 2009

Turning An Age-old Tussle Into A Preening Cockfight

Using the same hectoring tone as the militant atheists does a disservice to the Faith, argues Jonathan Wright Atheist Delusions BY DAVID BENTLEY HART YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS,......

Voice Of The Age

Originally published in 1933, Vera Brittain’s classic merits rediscovery, says Francis Phillips Testament of Youth BY VERA BRITTAIN WEIDENFELD AND NICOLSON, £30 T his book,......

Tedious Frivolity

Frances Partridge BY ANNE CHISOLM WEIDENFELD AND NICOLSON, £25 I t might seem frivolous to mention Frances Partridge and Harry Patch in the same breath. He, the last veteran of......