Page 5, 14th August 2009

14th August 2009
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Page 5, 14th August 2009

Archbishop Dolan: No To Health Care That Kills

American bishops threaten to withdraw support for reforms endangering elderly and unborn BY ANNA ARCO THE CATHOLIC church cannot be part of a health care system which leads to......

Pakistan Killing Spree Prompts Calls To Repeal Unjust Laws

BY WILL HEAVEN PUBLIC OUTRAGE at violence which left eight Christians dead has prompted hopes that Pakistan’s blasphemy laws could be amended. Bishop Joseph Coutts of......

Nigeria Could Be ‘talibanised’, Says Catholic Priest

BY ED WEST NIGERIA is in danger of being “Talibanised”, a priest from a local Catholic agency has said after a week of violence that led to hundreds of deaths. The Catholic......