Page 7, 14th December 1979

14th December 1979
Page 7
Page 7, 14th December 1979

Bully For You Ambitious Mr Hockey (spelt Haughey)!

THERE wasn't exactly white smoke billowing up in North County Dublin when Charles Haughey was voted in as Taioseach of Ireland; but there was an invisible surge of power and......

A House Full Of Echoes From Our (pagan) Past

WHEN I was young, I knew a man who prided himself on being the Complete Rationalist. As far as I was concerned, that meant that if he found that I was indulging in any Catholic......

Sumana Halli-power House Of Healing

IN Bangalore, India, hundreds of people suffering from leprosy have to beg in the streets for their living. Not that the people of Bangalore are particularly callous; a local......