Page 3, 14th March 1969

14th March 1969
Page 3
Page 3, 14th March 1969

I Paula Davies Tries A School Dinner

'FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD' 'FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD' WROG'S SPAWN' and `stodge'—tapioca and steamed pudding—children have one language, adults another. But it all boils down to school......

Desmond Fennell's Dublin Diary

ANS The comforts of the poor mouth IT is hard to turn your back on the comforts of the poor mouth when you have been indulging in them snugly for a very long time. This is the......

Ecumenism Does Not Oppose Conversion

by M•r. LAURANCE GOULDER A GREAT deal has happened since that November day in 1887 when the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom began its work for the conversion of the peoples of......