Page 4, 15th June 1935

15th June 1935
Page 4
Page 4, 15th June 1935

The People And The Play The Mystery Of Murder

By R. W. S. fiIGHT NIFST FALL" at the N Duchese is elr Istitleti tVilliams's best play. Ilis ii , u rieu e and Celtic i m a g in a tion is her e os itecilled to better purpose......


By G Wilfrid Rooke Ley DEAR L1STLNI E, most important event in the broadcasting news of the moment is undoubtedly tile g eneral meetin g of the Inierilational Broadcastin g......

First Thoughts

By Michael A CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS IIE Charity Orgalesation Society hee not e v ent s the reputation of encouraging subversive thinkin g . Durin g the sixty-five years of its......