Page 5, 15th May 1992

15th May 1992
Page 5
Page 5, 15th May 1992

Eurocrat Optimism Sprouts In Brussels

EUROPEAN VIEWPOINT Stephen Hughes MEP opens a series on the Church in a new Europe with a two-part article in which he asks whether EC policy is in line with Catholic social......

Punishment And The Chance To Start Again

CHURCH IN ACTION Holloway chaplain Sr Mary Galvin tells Murray White about a more humane treatment of prisoners. A SUNNY day at Holloway, the largest women's prison in Britain.......

Relieving The Pain Of Hopelessness

In the third of his series on the Decade of Evangelisation, Edmund Flood OSB asks what we can do to help the poor if we can see them THE Good Samaritan in Jesus' story was......