Page 7, 15th May 1992

15th May 1992
Page 7
Page 7, 15th May 1992

Faithful Reminder Of An Apparition

Visitors to Ireland's famed shrine at Knock now have a new chapel to focus their prayers. ON 21 August 1879, 15 people of various ages witnessed, over a period of two hours, an......

A Church Crawl To Brighten Flagging Spirits

Terence Sheehy takes a leisurely tour around the most ideal places to see Dubliners at prayer THERE is nothing like a church -crawl in Dublin to brighten flagging spirits.......

Song Of The Missionaries

Terence Sheehy looks at the maturing of a precious spirit among the Irish faithful IN THAT ancient Irish saga, the Fianna. so beloved of the Gaels and starry-eyed English......