Page 7, 16th February 1979

16th February 1979
Page 7
Page 7, 16th February 1979

What Changed My Opinion Of Conor Cruise O'brien

IT'S VERY DIFFICULT to think of prayer as an elevation of the soul to God or whatever the, no doubt, accurate but high-falutin' definition was during my schooldays. Most of us,......

Thank God For Grandmothers. We ' Ve Got Two Of Them And

wouldn ' t be without either. My mother, Granny Blake, is a Summa and Compendium of English Catholic traditions that must go undisturbed right back through penal times to the......

Helping The Victims Of Crime

Seeds of Hope giiii0M1M41 John Carey writes about help for the victims of crime. The idea arose from a casual conversation, and when the discussion came round to crime and......