Page 8, 16th February 2001

16th February 2001
Page 8
Page 8, 16th February 2001

A Land Fit For Superheroes

Film John Fleischman A LL HARDY ANNUALS will know that boys thrive on superheroes and there exists a huge market both here and in the US for their cause. We call then, more......

Using Quantity To Determine Quality

. Faith & Science Peter Hodgson T HE GREAT 19th-century physicist Lord Kelvin. once remarked that, "if you cannot ,- measure what you are talking about and express it in......

A Last Gasp From An Old Devil On The South Bank

Media Matter Nick Thomas 41■11 I N THIS WEEK'S SOWN BANK SliOW Melvyn Bragg interviewed Ken Russell, who apparently is in some need of a publicity boost from an old friend.......