Page 6, 16th March 1951

16th March 1951
Page 6
Page 6, 16th March 1951

A Happy Nun Remembers

W ORLD Without End, by a Carmelite Nun (Sands, 7s. 6d.), will be a revelation to those who imagine that our cloistered religious either know nothing of the world or have a......

A Guide To The Saints

The Calendar of Saints, by A. G. (owns: Fr. F. Steel (Talbot and Co.. 7s. 6d.) apparently an AngloCatholic compilation based on the Book of Common Prayer and the Roman......

Doctrine And Life

Doctrine and Life (Irish Rosary office, Dublin, six numbers, 10s.). following the excellent example of La Vie Spirituelle and Life of the Spirit, presents its programme of "......