Page 3, 17th December 2004

17th December 2004
Page 3
Page 3, 17th December 2004

Archbishop’s Letter Scuppers Rebellion

BY SIMON CALDWELL T HE G OVERNMENT used a letter from a Catholic archbishop to curb a backbench rebellion over controversial plans for “living wills” which could legalise......

Burdensome Elderly Have A Duty To Die, Says Warnock

F RAIL ELDERLY people and the seriously ill have a duty to die rather than become a burden on the public purse, a leading humanist philosopher has said. Baroness Warnock, 80,......

Government Welcomes Church Report On Prisons

BY FREDDY GRAY oners, further prison schemes for making exT HE M INISTER for Prisons offenders attractive to has welcomed the new employers, improved educaChurch document on......