Page 3, 17th October 1952

17th October 1952
Page 3
Page 3, 17th October 1952

Inside A Spanish Jail

By Mgr. JOHN HEENAN, Bishop of Leeds I HAD imagined before visiting Spain that Spanish prisons are among the worst in the world. Before leaving London I secured from the Spanish......

All Sorts

By Fr. BERNARD BASSET, S.J. Mission Sunday A ISSION Sunday offers us a 1.V1 momentary escape from parish problems and encoura g es us to see our work as part of a world crusade.......

S Cience Is A S Acred Cow

By ALCUIN SCIENCE IS A SACRED COW, by Anthony Menden (Sliced and Ward, lOs. 6d.). T was time 'that someone debunked some of the .pretentions of those scientist's who see......