Page 7, 17th October 1958

17th October 1958
Page 7
Page 7, 17th October 1958

All Sorts, By Fr. Basset, S.j.

NO, I HAVE NOT BROKEN DOWN ) kFTER a g lorious holiday in Ireland I returned to my desk 10 days a g o. On it stood an impressive pile of letters of condolence and sympathy. Mese......

The Pope Of The Holy Childhood

ON the day that the Hols Father died every National Director of the Holy Childhood Society received a tele g ram from the Superior Council of the Society askin g that the......

Look And ▪ Listen

BBC Radio Sunday: The Faith in the e Forest of Dean. 9.45 p.m. : Home; Dvorak's Stabat e Mater, 2.30 p.m. Home. Wednesday: Children's Hour : Prayers conducted by the Abbot of......