Page 8, 18th April 1969

18th April 1969
Page 8
Page 8, 18th April 1969

Is Nursing Still A Vocation ?

by MAUREEN VINCENT A LTHOUGH I come from an entirely—one might almost say obsessively — medical family, nothing in this world could have persuaded me to take up nursing as a......

An Explanation Of Violence

by H. R. F. KEATING S WITCHBOARDS were, as the papers love to put it, jammed. Doubtless the Anti-Television Lady squawked. Violence stalked on the small screen once again. The......

Attenborough Triumph

by FREDA BRUCE LOCKHART HERALDED by the Sun day Telegraph's film critic, Margaret Hinxman, as a test case for the British film industry. the triumph of Oh! What a Lovely War......