Page 8, 18th December 1970

18th December 1970
Page 8
Page 8, 18th December 1970

Basques: Verdicts Lag Brings More Protests

BY A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT w I-11LE the world waited to hear the fate of the 16 Basques, including two priests, on trial in Burgos for murder and acts of terrorism, protests......

Cardinal Tells Boys: `don't Blame Parents'

P LYMOUTH schoolboys were told last week by Cardinal Heenan: "Don't think you can change the world and make what is wrong come right. You can't. The place where you live and......

`hippies' Aid Indian Village Project

HU NDREDS of young volunteers, including "hippies," from many coun tries have been helping a Belgian Jesuit priest in Central India to build new villages for disaster victims......