Page 7, 18th June 1993

18th June 1993
Page 7
Page 7, 18th June 1993

Fire And Satanic Brimstone

Alice Thomas Ellis reminds us that there is nothing outmoded about Satan and hell I SOMETIMES have an image of a troop of dark angels, thronging the upper air, going about the......

More Than Bell, Book And Candles

W HAT makes a church a church? Victor Hugo's definition of a church as "God between four walls" is pithy but unsatisfying. A church is not simply an empty vessel. Step into a......

A Saintly Dog And A Sinful Thought

Speaking of Prayer by Terry Eagleton E VERY child needs a model of virtue, someone to show it how to live, and in my case it was Timothy. Timothy was a wise soul, with tender,......