Page 14, 18th March 2005

18th March 2005
Page 14
Page 14, 18th March 2005

Father David Mcgough Palm Sunday Of The Passion Of The

Lord Isaiah 50: 4-7; Philippians 2: 6-11; Matthew 26:14 -27:66 ‘T he Lord has given me a disciple’s tongue... each morning he wakens me to hear, to listen like a disciple. For......

Father Cormac Rigby “the Son Of Man Is Going To

his fate.” This is that rare commodity – a Palm Sunday sermon. In fact it’s the first Palm Sunday sermon I have ever preached. For two reasons. The practical one is that the......

St Benedict Of Nursia (march 21)

St Benedict (c480 – c547) drew up the Rule which, adopted by Pope Gregory the Great (590-604), eventually became the pattern for western monasticism. Benedict was born at......