Page 5, 18th September 1981

18th September 1981
Page 5
Page 5, 18th September 1981

Turning The Pages On A Historic Review

'I HE LATEST edition of the Beda Review has been produced entirely within the walls of this old-new Roman College for late vocations, and the Editor and staff are to be......

'this Was The Brutal Death Of A Hope, The Death

of an expectation, the death o a child who was never to be'. Niki Francis Fawkes on how she came to terms with childlessness. The challenge of childlessness WE ARE all, male and......

The Everlasting Covenant Is Formed

Scripture Notebook Michael Barnes S.J. 25th Sunday of the Year Isaiah 55.6 - 9: This last chapter of the Second Isaiah repeats in summary form many of the themes to be found......