Page 14, 19th December 2008

19th December 2008
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Page 14, 19th December 2008

A Grisly Tale Where Kids Are Baked With Gusto

Hansel and Grote! ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, LONDON T here's probably some Mathematical law, similar to the one that governs traffic flow on motorways and buses travelling in convoy.......

Smashing Up The Windows Of Society

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson 15 CERT, 120 MINS I t is fitting that Alex Gibney is this documentary at the end, mirroring a life that lacked the traditional......

Not Quite The Best Musical Of The 20th Century

THEATRE REVIEW Carousel SAVOY THEATRE, LONDON H ungarian playwright Ferenc Molnar had rejected all offers to turn Liliom (1909) into a musical, fearing his play would never be......