Page 9, 19th February 1965

19th February 1965
Page 9
Page 9, 19th February 1965

John Horgan's Dublin Letter

Pundling holes in the border THE BORDER between Ireland trIcl the North lias been punched as full of holes as a Gruyere cheese. Last week alone, Capt. Terence O'Neill. the......

One-minute Sermon At Special Mass For Toddlers

By ANN KIMMEL THOUSANDS of mothers have blessed the people who first thought of a church "criery", behind glass walk. for restless, bored or bellowing toddler; so thatthe......

Westminster Makes 21 Changes

M GR. EDWARD DUNDERDALE, chancellor and eflicialis (president of the tribunal) of the Westminster Archdiocese, has been named chaplain to St. Pea' gia's Convent, Highgate. It is......