Page 8, 19th March 1982

19th March 1982
Page 8
Page 8, 19th March 1982

Truthful Core Of A Tragic Classic

The Maid's Tragedy by Beaumont and Fletcher, RSC at the Warehouse. IT WAS Shakespeare's own company, the King's Men, who first tackled The Maid's Tragedy, and in the absence of......

`and The Brothers Set On Joseph And Put Him In A Great Pit'

ALTHOUGH last week I did describe former coalminers' leader Joe Gormley as a battered cherub (someone else's cartoonstyle quote, not mine) I never did seriously see him as some......

Islam Strong Challenge To Christian Dialogue

Islam's influence is now recognised in Europe as well as Africa and Asia. Desmond O'Grady examines the chances of CatholicMuslim dialogue. THE FAILURE of Nigerian Muslim Leaders......